5th International Exhibition and Conference on Iran Distribution Industry


About the 5th International Exhibition and Conference on Iran Distribution Industry

The National Association of the Iranian Distribution Industry has adopted a dynamic approach for improving related knowledge in accordance with fresh global academic findings. The approach is believed to help member companies gain a competitive advantage in the market. The association’s authorities hope that more interactions with global market players will help Iranians achieve their set goals with optimal results.

The association has been attempting in the recent past, by applying precise plans and appropriate strategies, to become a key supportive NGO in the distribution sector. To fulfill its natural mission to help develop the industry and add values to it, the association has so far held four international conferences and exhibitions which all ended up to strategic achievements.

The main goals behind holding such conferences are to encourage educational activities; to increase interactions between a variety of entities – including the governmental and private organizations as well as academic centers and market players; and to concentrate on challenges and opportunities facing the industry while both the authorities and the experts are present at the event and would interact personally with one another.



Notice No. 1

The Iranian Association of Distribution Industry is planning to hold the 5th International Conference and Exhibition on Iran Distribution Sector…